My art. My madness. Art student.

All pictures that I pubblish here result of my personnal work. My reference website is http://chocopols.deviantart.com/

contact : namco13@hotmail.fr

I'm french so... don't expect an excellent english from me.

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Inktober 10/21


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Drive Gender bender Inktober 10/15

Droppin some Inktober I forgot to post here~

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White Hinterland,


White Hinterland  -  Baby



Thanks to these 8 cuties for being my model for a little while :) 

Drawing followers is still a great experience ! was like I was trying to learn you while I was drawing. 

Sorry for those who aren’t there, I choose the first pics that was “exploitable” for a portait. I’ll start another session later anyway ;)

Good people, good time