My art. My madness. Art student.

All pictures that I pubblish here result of my personnal work. My reference website is http://chocopols.deviantart.com/

contact : namco13@hotmail.fr

I'm french so... don't expect an excellent english from me.

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first graphic test for a book project, to be continued…

Doompy poompppp


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Stand High Patrol - Brest Bay

wick it wick it wick it wick it 

How about the Netherlands ;) Little bit less far away, hehe.

I went to Netherlands three times already aarg but omygosh I love your country !

Are you ever planning on coming to the US? If so, you should stay in Colorado. If you did come, we could meet up and hang out if you'd like! ❣◕ ‿ ◕❣
chocopols chocopols Said:

I’m always planning on coming to the US you have no idea. Maybe this summer for vacations, don’t know yet for colorado or anywhere else. But yeah, it would be awesome to meet and hang out aw

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Do you use mac?
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